SSIS will not warn if metadata is out-of-date for a Lookup

I ran into this problem today that didn't take a long time to resolve, but took me a little by surprise. Most of my SSIS packages use the Lookup transformation component to look up keys used in source systems and match them to the data warehouse. When SSIS packages fail at the Lookup component, the most common cause is that the source system's key does not exist in the data warehouse and must be added first. This time was different, however.

Installing Office 2016 (VL, MSI) together with Visio and/or Project 2016 (click-to-run, C2R): Deadlocked

While the particular scenario I am describing here is likely common only at educational institutions, for those affected, it is a major showstopper. This blog post details the common licensing and deployment practices for higher education labs and the particular conundrum it causes with Office 2016 and Visio/Project 2016. I am proposing two workarounds that could help and one I've included just for completeness. I am calling on Microsoft to address the issue with a real fix.